The Main Types of Door Locks

The Main Types of Door Locks

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No matter why you need a new door lock, you have to ensure that you will pick the best device available. This is not a simple task, however, given the main different models available in the market. In order to find your way around the huge variety of options, you will benefit from learning the basic facts about the most common types of locks.

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What You Must Know

The Main Types of Door LocksThe latch door locksets which are also known as spring bolt locksets are the most common of all types. They use a spring mechanism to push the bolt into place for secure locking. Latches are usually included in the set. The same applies to knobs and handles as well. Basically, everything which is needed for lock installation is present in the box. You do not have to worry about getting accessories separately. The latch devices offer a good level of security. They were the norm for front house doors in the past, but now they are most often used for patio doors.

The deadbolt devices offer a higher level of security compared to the latch ones because they can be used only with a key. It is needed for both locking and unlocking. These devices are currently the top options for front doors. Before you hurry and opt for deadbolt installation, however, you should look into the different subtypes.

The single cylinder deadbolts can be operated with a key on one side and with a special thumb turn mechanism on the other. The double cylinder units can be operated with a key from both sides. This enables you to use the key to lock the door from the inside for maximum protection. Needless to say, the double cylinder devices offer a higher level of security.

It is perfectly possible to get a combination of the two main types of locking devices. You can get a model which combines both a latch mechanism and deadbolt. These devices are regarded to be highly secure, but you have to confirm that the model which you select is well designed, reliable and durable.

One option you should consider is a device which is designed to be rekeyed. It can save a great deal of time in case emergency lock rekey is required. By eliminating the need for changing the entire lockset, it will also enable you to upgrade to a more advanced cylinder more easily and cheaply and enjoy an even higher level of security.

Now you are better prepared to make effective security decisions.

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